The Latest Updates of Jakarta Higher Court Confirms Our Postnup is Legal

Sunday, 19 November 2017 00:14

Recent developments related to the postnup have been very important. The latest updates from the Jakarta Higher Court regarding the marital agreement entered into after the marriage. The Jakarta Higher Court confirms that a marital agreement signed during the course of marriage in Indonesia is legal. The endorsement from the Higher Court is subject to the following terms and conditions, among others:

  1. As long as the postnup entered into by husband and wife in accordance with Article 1338 Civil Code, then it serves as the law to both of them. Therefore, the parties in the postnup must perform their rights and obligations as specified in their postnup. In the event one party fails to do so, then the other party may file a complaint to the court of law.
  2. Furthermore, the Jakarta Higher Court stipulates that the postnup must be dated with an actual date. So, why should you back-dating the prenup in the first place, while you can have an actual-date postnup and legally endorsed by the Higher Court?
  3. No need to record the postnup on your marriage certificate. Unlike the prenup, the postnup does not require registration at the marriage registry to take effect legally between husband and wife. The postnup automatically valid legally when you covenant and agree to execute its terms and conditions. This must be done freely and voluntarily and free from coercion, duress or pressure of any kind, and they have an adequate opportunity to read and study the postnup.

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